Arts and crafts, for car guys?

So a little over a year ago a buddy and I decided to Plastidip my car. For those of you who don't know what plastidip is, combine spray paint and rubber and the ability to remove it. Plastidip comes in a variety of colors and now the option to purchase it in gallons and run it through a paint gun. 

Well, we went the home depot route of purchasing 16 cans of matte black and going for it. The car last winter was pretty epic. Not only did we dip the car, we dipped the wheels and roof box. The amount of thumbs up I received and comments meant I did exactly what I wanted to do. Create a small buzz about the car that could cheaply be attained and not permanent for the summer. 

Well, needless to say 12 months later an experiment is coming to an end with some conclusions. 

First, the car came out looking great. for the total invested in making it look like it did I can't complain. 

Second, If you are going to dip your car definitely do not rattle can it. Although the finished product looked great as I am peeling it right now I can tell it was on way too thin. Causing it to not peel cleanly in giant sheets. 

Finally, make the investment in the paint gun and gallons. You will be much happier and wont have the spray and pray approach!

The STI is up for sale and looking to move onto the next automotive project. The reason the dip is coming off is not too many people are keen on the matte black plastidip scene.