The long road back to Summer, Part 1

Well I haven't done a very good job of updating lately but things have been the busiest they have ever been. Between the business back in TX and the amount of late season events crammed together I haven't had much free time to let everyone know what has happened. 

After getting the new car I headed with Kellie in tow to Banff, Alberta, Canada and competed in 2 FIS events just for some points. The weather was not the greatest the first day with visibility being sub par and a snow storm blowing in. The first coarse feature was also a less than ideal wu-tang to flat with a mandatory check. With 4 riders going in full tilt some well executed check turns made it look like synchronized snowboarding more than a snowboardcross start. Over the 2 days of competition I never lost a heat and managed to bring home the points I went to get. Plus the scenery in Banff is some of the best around.  

The next morning was a 2 day trek back to Breckenridge and USASA Nationals which was the last stop on the Hole Shot Tour and US North America's Cup stops. I squeaked through into quarters but just couldn't get it done and had to settle for 15th. The course was definitely not up to par for what we should have been racing on. Although fun and tight racing from top to bottom the other riders and I would have definitely loved to see something more technical and with more features. We all want to race snowboardcross, not a modified banked slalomn.

Here is where things get screwy and people always say I am crazy for driving even though it makes more financial sense. Kellie and I packed up the car at 2pm, right after I was able to collect my belongings from the top of the race course, and started our journey to Big White, BC for NorAm Finals/Canadian Speed Nationals. The plan was to make it to Salt Lake by that night, Post Falls Idaho by the next night and then Big White the night before training. Well it all went smoothly and as planned. The journey provided a change of scenery every 2 hours and no weather to speak of. 

(Look for Part 2 in the next few days!)