Death of an Era

The car has been my hobby since I was in high school. At that point I could barely change my own oil, by 2010 I had torn down a 2003 Evo to the ground and completely rebuilt it, turning it into a track star which met it's demise to a hit and run in Amarillo. 

The STI I currently own has been a pretty good car, but it's always been high mileage. Turning wrenched to fix it's problems has slowly annoyed me and I've never really been attached to this Subie like the one I had graduating college. At this point it's creeping closer to 1/4 million miles by the day, and with it will come to close the chapter of the boy racer and open the next of Vehicular adulthood. 

Knowing I need a daily that still supports my mountainous passion it looks like an Audi A3 quattro S-line wagon is the perfect choice to hold me over until the next high end sports car enters my life.