The switch

Fall is upon us all over the Northern Hemisphere, leaves are changing, cooler temps are here and it has already started snowing in some of the high elevations. Here is Austin not much of a change has happened. I always tell people Austin is my "Summer" home. Summer down here never really ends, it's nice, then it's hot, then it's nice again, winter consists of a little rain and some cooler days but nothing like being in the mountains.

With the never ending summer though comes allergies, and mine have been dreadful the past 2 days. Knocking me off my feet and making work a very long day. Other changes have happened as well. 

My grandfather's beloved cadillac has finally had it's last day, racking up a repair bill twice the value of the car. Well, me being a car crazed lunatic I found him an upgrade within a few days. Moving out of a 1999 Cadillac and into a 2005 Mercedes CLK 320.