Burning the Candle at both ends

This week I knew was going to be a killer. Lining everything out on Friday of last week I saw at least 6 estimates at that time, 4 bids, 2 installs, and 2 measurement trips. Well, somehow that number has almost doubled. 

On the snowboard side of things the gym work continues. Wrapped up the last workout plan and headed into final pre-season prep. Coach Jb at Peak Performance Personal Training has me working hard getting my body ready to endure another physically challenging winter. I know I can feel it in my workouts and proper planning needs to be made to make my work and training schedules fit together. 

Lastly, Le Mans is in town. Despite wanting to go and even knowing people at the track I'm just not seeing it happen. Hopefully next year but I'll definitely be out there for F1.